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So thankful to God for purpose and open doors to fulfill His calling on my life.  Enjoying ministry to the fullest and looking to be used abundantly in 2018!  Enjoy and please support…The Acts Movement Healing Studio coming soon and we need your help.


A Heart Cry for the Love of God

I pray against sadness, depression, and any feelings that you’re not good enough.  You and I were created in the image of the Almighty, and He said we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  You are good enough, you are beautiful, you are worthy of real love and respect.  See yourself as the apple of God’s eye because that’s what He calls you.  See yourself as the bride of Christ, because that’s what He calls you.  See yourself loved unconditionally by the Creator of the world and begin to truly love yourself.  Love your laughter, your forgetfulness, your gifts and talents, love your smile, your eyes, your nose, your ears.  Every part of your being was tailor made just for you.

Don’t allow anyone to talk down to you or try to change the personality God gave you.  You weren’t meant to be like the crowd.  God purposely made you unique, different, to stand out and be special.  You and I only need to submit ourselves to God and He will direct; He will reveal to us His plan and His purpose for our lives.  How silly and foolish it is for someone to talk about someone else or to think that the One who created another made an error.  God created each of us and He did it in such a way that no one can take credit for any of it.  So to criticize another is actually a word against the One who created.  To look at yourself and believe even one lie spoken against your greatness is to say to our God, “I’m not happy with how you made me.”  Jesus help us!!

Can we just love each other?  Can we just pray for each other in love?  Can we just genuinely work on being filled with the love of God until that love heals, forgives, overlooks, and changes us? 



2nd Statewide Baby Shower

Because children are important to God, they are important to us.  The Bible says children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring, a reward from Him.  Children deserve a chance to begin life on top; supported, loved, cared for, and blessed.  We are also told to be sure we do not despise these little ones.  Part of the long-term goals of The Acts Movement concerning hosting baby showers for single moms is to mentor these young ladies, to be spiritual guidance for them in rearing their children, to stay in touch with the babies, and provide support for them and their moms on a continual basis. To do all of this, we need your financial support.  Groups, individuals, business owners, entrepreneurs, people who have a heart for the children, we need your help.

By giving and supporting The Acts Movement, you are actually joining with us and becoming a part of the movement to create a brighter future for the generations to come.  You are also fulfilling the call of God concerning the children, and this could very well be the purpose God has called you to.  Either way, you are displaying the love of God and we definitely need more of this in the times we are facing.  There are many ways to donate and all donations are appreciated whether baby items or monetary gifts, everything will do directly to the ladies and their babies, and your giving is tax deductible.  Follow the link for easy giving or contact me.  Sponsorship levels forthcoming.

This is our future…

Nothing Goes Unnoticed

I'm thankful for the beginning of a thing, the end of a thing and my journey that lies in between.
Lorraine Sellars

The Advantages of Fearing The Lord


Oh fear the Lord, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him.  Ps.  34:9 (kjv)

When we fear the Lord we trust Him, we believe Him, we live our lives for His glory.  Meaning, we take care of every area of our lives.  We take responsibility for our outcome because God has given us wisdom and insight to do so.  Didn’t He say He left the Holy Spirit with us to lead and guide us into all truth?

Our fear of the Lord also includes our relationship with Him.  We love God because He first loved us and we believe and trust His every promise.  A father’s love is complete and He withholds nothing from us.  Fearing the Lord means we dismiss every negative word and thought that we know comes from the enemy, and we only speak the truth.  We say God is good.  We say He is our healer.  We say He provides all of our needs.  We say we are strong, rich, successful, and protected.  Not only do we say these things, but we believe every word we speak and we’re able to meditate on the goodness of our God.  He doesn’t lie, He doesn’t break promises, and He doesn’t tease us.

In the natural when we really fear someone, we do exactly what they want because we don’t want to deal with the consequences…we don’t want the uncomfortable confrontation.  Spiritually, when we fear the Lord God, we should be determined to DO, not just say, but do exactly what He instructs us to do so we won’t have to deal with the consequences of disobedience.  But because He’s such a loving God, He allows us to make the choice of fearing Him or not.  Of receiving all that’s good or receiving what only looks good for the moment.

Life will still happen, but in Him there’s hope.  Even things that God allows to come upon us are only temporary.  They are oftentimes allowed so that the world may see and believe who God is.  That illness is not there to destroy you, but to be a powerful testimony to the world…didn’t we say nothing is too hard for God?  Our attitude must match our confessions.  It’s a mindset and the enemy knows this, you must know this too.  Say you are healed and believe it and your mind will bring healing to your body.  See your body full of the white light of God and watch every organ line up with your desire to be whole again.  Even your finances will have to obey the words you speak because of the God in you.  God’s plan for you will work if you work it!

It’s your move

It's your move; ask, seek, and knock. The power is in your mouth, your mind, and your hand.
Lorraine Sellars

How To Take Dominion In Your Llife


God wants us to take dominion.  He is no longer creating!!  How do I know this?  Because Genesis 2:1-2 says, “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.  And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made;”  He already created the tree, he already created the bird, he already created the ocean and all of it’s contents.  So God created everything in six days and then His work was complete.  So God is not creating anything else!  He is already done.  He has spoken it all, created it all, given us all, even within ourselves, to go and do great things in the place He has put us.  Take dominion, use your gift, become great, build my kingdom.  This is why we are able to declare, “I can do all things through Christ…”

What’s the problem?  Why are there not many trailblazers?  We are out of alignment.  We as a people of God are out of the position of agreement with God’s initial dream.  Our thoughts, actions, and  plans have taken a costly detour, delaying the prosperity God promised.  There is no shortage of resources for the people of God.

THOUGHTS:  You really are the master of your thoughts and you can control what you allow to disturb your thought process.  The Bible tells us to prepare our minds for action.  Meaning stay focused, stay alert, stay prayerful.  Be intentional about the things you set your mind on.  Are they heavenly or earthly things?  Thoughts that are out of alignment with the will of God are set according to the flesh.  Thoughts that are set according to the Spirit, come from those of us who are ourselves set according to the Spirit of God.  What you spend your days thinking on will find its way to you.

ACTIONS:  We are the sons of God.   But when we behave like the sons of Satan we forfeit God’s greatness for our lives.  How we act and how we carry ourselves sends messages to the universe to deliver.  God has already given us all we need for the victory,  our job is to act in a manner that pleases him and brings fulfillment.   He said to work with a spirit of excellence and to work as unto the Lord.  “Look to the ant” suggest the Bible, “consider it’s ways and be wise.”

PLANS:  The enemy can not change the plans of the Lord.  But he wants you to believe that the Lord has changed His mind concerning you.  However Psalm 19:7 says, “The law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul…”  The enemy cannot override the laws that God has set forth in the universe.  You sow much, your reap much; you work hard, your reward will be great.  When you arise every morning before daybreak and spend time hearing God’s voice, you align your plans up with his plans.   Doors will open for those of us who walk in the plans of God and closely follow the universal laws.

It’s your call

If you can't change your assignment, change your confession.
Lorraine Sellars

How to Find Help In the Wilderness


We all need help, we all need encouragement, and we all need prayer.  But how do you find help for a problem or a situation that you won’t admit you have?  Or how can help come unless you go through the wilderness?

We all want to appear strong, established, even perfect.  But the Bible says there is none good except God himself.  Jesus said to the ruler in Luke 18:19, “Why callest thou me good?  None is good…”  What’s the benefit anyway of making people think your life is all together while you’re dying on the inside?  God never intended to completely shield us from life’s lessons.  Neither did He ever intend for any of us to walk this journey alone.  He has strategically placed certain people around you to pull you through and keep your eyes focused on His love.  Jesus should always be your measuring rod, not the life of the person you think you want to imitate.  Let’s look at the road Jesus took in the wilderness because it is on this road that you will discover the “you” God created for His glory.

First, Jesus endured His wilderness experience and so can you.  These times are predicted and necessary because without an experience in which you have to depend on God to save your life, you can’t tell anyone else of His power to keep you.  After 40 days of experiencing God as the bread of life, Jesus was ready for the ministry of saving the world.  If He had tried to fight or survive in His own power, the enemy would have devoured Him, but Jesus went into His wilderness totally depending on and trusting the very One who created the wilderness itself.  Aside from this experience, his purpose in the earth would never have been accomplished.

Second, the Father never deserted Jesus.  While no one can go through another’s wilderness, God will always provide what you need.  The wilderness is not a place of comfort but a place of testing.  Will you pray there?  Will your call on your heavenly Father to help you?  God allowed temptations, but He also sent ministering angels to help.  In this dark place comes the preparation to deal with feelings of desertion and loneliness.  And once your come out and begin living your assignment, the very people you thought you could count on, will disappear.  Remember the Garden of Gethsemane?

Third, Jesus did not enter His wilderness empty.  His relationship with God did not begin when He entered the wilderness.  His preparation actually began as a child submissive to His mother and earthly father.  As a matter of fact, in your weakest times, you must already have strength from within in order to survive the enemy’s hit on your life.  Immediately following Jesus’ baptism, He was filled with the Holy Spirit and led into the wilderness to be tempted 40 days by Satan.  So even without physical food to sustain Him, His inner voice spoke louder than the deceptive voice of the devil.  So don’t think it’s a strange thing that you’re dealing with great opposition, but just believe in the power of a Father’s love because on the other side darkness, the light shines ever so bright