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Daily Archives: October 25, 2016

How to Find Help In the Wilderness


We all need help, we all need encouragement, and we all need prayer.  But how do you find help for a problem or a situation that you won’t admit you have?  Or how can help come unless you go through the wilderness?

We all want to appear strong, established, even perfect.  But the Bible says there is none good except God himself.  Jesus said to the ruler in Luke 18:19, “Why callest thou me good?  None is good…”  What’s the benefit anyway of making people think your life is all together while you’re dying on the inside?  God never intended to completely shield us from life’s lessons.  Neither did He ever intend for any of us to walk this journey alone.  He has strategically placed certain people around you to pull you through and keep your eyes focused on His love.  Jesus should always be your measuring rod, not the life of the person you think you want to imitate.  Let’s look at the road Jesus took in the wilderness because it is on this road that you will discover the “you” God created for His glory.

First, Jesus endured His wilderness experience and so can you.  These times are predicted and necessary because without an experience in which you have to depend on God to save your life, you can’t tell anyone else of His power to keep you.  After 40 days of experiencing God as the bread of life, Jesus was ready for the ministry of saving the world.  If He had tried to fight or survive in His own power, the enemy would have devoured Him, but Jesus went into His wilderness totally depending on and trusting the very One who created the wilderness itself.  Aside from this experience, his purpose in the earth would never have been accomplished.

Second, the Father never deserted Jesus.  While no one can go through another’s wilderness, God will always provide what you need.  The wilderness is not a place of comfort but a place of testing.  Will you pray there?  Will your call on your heavenly Father to help you?  God allowed temptations, but He also sent ministering angels to help.  In this dark place comes the preparation to deal with feelings of desertion and loneliness.  And once your come out and begin living your assignment, the very people you thought you could count on, will disappear.  Remember the Garden of Gethsemane?

Third, Jesus did not enter His wilderness empty.  His relationship with God did not begin when He entered the wilderness.  His preparation actually began as a child submissive to His mother and earthly father.  As a matter of fact, in your weakest times, you must already have strength from within in order to survive the enemy’s hit on your life.  Immediately following Jesus’ baptism, He was filled with the Holy Spirit and led into the wilderness to be tempted 40 days by Satan.  So even without physical food to sustain Him, His inner voice spoke louder than the deceptive voice of the devil.  So don’t think it’s a strange thing that you’re dealing with great opposition, but just believe in the power of a Father’s love because on the other side darkness, the light shines ever so bright