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My name is Lorraine and I want to help you change your whole perspective on life and thereby begin to experience the simple life, which also happens to be the good life.  There is a solution to all of the unpredictable things life throws your way, from broken relationships to financial failures, and prayer is the answer.  Not the last resort, but the go-to answer always.  But prayer alone won’t bring results…you have to add in all of the ingredients.

What’s your perspective on life  and problems?  It’s time to develop an optimistic outlook on everything and embrace the joys of life like a little child.  Lorraine Sellars is founder of The Acts Movement, a prayer ministry focused on faith-building and empowering God’s people through the power of prayer. She has the gift of faith and has a passion for seeing people walk in victorymy-book-1

Please allow my book to get you started and let’s do a study together.  Life is awesome and you deserve to live it that way!!