no lemons

You never have to worry about sour lemons as long as you have sugar! What a sweet outlook.
Lorraine Sellars

How To Train Your Mind To Deal With Pressure


Sometimes you just need to step back and get a better perspective of what you’re dealing with in order to handle the pressure.

As long as the problem is constantly in your face, it’s difficult to come up with a plan because it seems too big for you to solve…and guess what?  It is!!!  So put it away, go to the beach, and just walk along the seashore.  Breathe deeply, tune in to the sound of the waves, and just enjoy the serenity.  Get away from the people, the problem, and the pressure; no cell phone attached.   Once the clutter clears your mind, the perspective will change.

Recently I had to put together a profit and loss statement to cover the past three months for my daycare business.  For some, this may not seem daunting, but for me, it caused great stress, headaches, and a couple of sleepless nights.  I even did the “how to” search on the computer to generate a few templates.  As I got my receipts in order and looked at everything, I felt my mind slipping away.  Like I was overwhelmed and might lose my mind.

That was way too much pressure for me, especially when you know it could mean the difference between where you live now and where you’ll be moving to later…by force.  But after I took that mental break from the pressure, I came back ready to tackle the assignment until completion.  What did I learn from all of this?  First, the more you put off completing any unpleasant task, the longer the task will continue to haunt you.  Second, procrastination can really cost you a great loss.  And third, pressure leaves when determination steps up.  So whenever you feel pressure, retreat to your sweet spot for a spell and then get back in the race and finish it.

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How To Shape Your Future

img_1347It doesn’t really matter what they call you, it only matters what you answer to.  And sometimes you shouldn’t answer at all!  Once you know who you are and that you were created for greatness, you will be able to filter through the lies and see purpose.  Even if in your past you were ____, but now you are not, your present overshadows your past and you can shape your future to be awesome.  How do you accomplish this?  First, you have to know WHO you are.  No one who is dealing with an identity crisis will be able to successfully shape their future because they spend the majority of their time trying to imitate others.  Your identity is who you were created to be and out of the seven plus billion people in the world, your identity is uniquely yours.

Next you must seek out your purpose.  After you know who you are, then you must discover WHY you are.  No one else can fulfill the purpose in the earth that you are called to fulfill.  As a matter of fact, your purpose preceded your production.  Meaning, before you came forth, God already decided why you would exist and what you would need to be successful.  Then, he bundled it all up, put it in your DNA, and then you were born to be great.  So with greatness in your makeup you can choose your destiny.  Life is full of choices and before you make a wrong one, think about the outcome.  Your future really is up to you so find your passion, operate in your purpose and see how your future unfolds.  Failure is not an option unless you choose it.

planned before

Even before your entrance into the world, God first thought about your outcome. He saw your future before the day of your birth and knew what to put inside of you for success.
Lorraine Sellars