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Prosper and be in Health

We are designed to prosper and be in health!  This means we should prosper physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  This means we must be intentional about what we feed our bodies as well as our minds; we must also be cautious in our relationships.  A life filled with stress on a regular basis will never be able to prosper because stress brings about disease, and disease weakens the body.  Proper rest, nutrition, and daily movement along with a supportive, positive environment are key.  The Acts Movement Healing Studio will incorporate just the right mix to appeal to the five senses:  touch, taste, sight, smell and hear.  And as your senses are being bathed, your healing will manifest both physically and spiritually because a mind at peace can receive great benefits from the Lord.


The Advantages of Fearing The Lord


Oh fear the Lord, ye his saints: for there is no want to them that fear him.  Ps.  34:9 (kjv)

When we fear the Lord we trust Him, we believe Him, we live our lives for His glory.  Meaning, we take care of every area of our lives.  We take responsibility for our outcome because God has given us wisdom and insight to do so.  Didn’t He say He left the Holy Spirit with us to lead and guide us into all truth?

Our fear of the Lord also includes our relationship with Him.  We love God because He first loved us and we believe and trust His every promise.  A father’s love is complete and He withholds nothing from us.  Fearing the Lord means we dismiss every negative word and thought that we know comes from the enemy, and we only speak the truth.  We say God is good.  We say He is our healer.  We say He provides all of our needs.  We say we are strong, rich, successful, and protected.  Not only do we say these things, but we believe every word we speak and we’re able to meditate on the goodness of our God.  He doesn’t lie, He doesn’t break promises, and He doesn’t tease us.

In the natural when we really fear someone, we do exactly what they want because we don’t want to deal with the consequences…we don’t want the uncomfortable confrontation.  Spiritually, when we fear the Lord God, we should be determined to DO, not just say, but do exactly what He instructs us to do so we won’t have to deal with the consequences of disobedience.  But because He’s such a loving God, He allows us to make the choice of fearing Him or not.  Of receiving all that’s good or receiving what only looks good for the moment.

Life will still happen, but in Him there’s hope.  Even things that God allows to come upon us are only temporary.  They are oftentimes allowed so that the world may see and believe who God is.  That illness is not there to destroy you, but to be a powerful testimony to the world…didn’t we say nothing is too hard for God?  Our attitude must match our confessions.  It’s a mindset and the enemy knows this, you must know this too.  Say you are healed and believe it and your mind will bring healing to your body.  See your body full of the white light of God and watch every organ line up with your desire to be whole again.  Even your finances will have to obey the words you speak because of the God in you.  God’s plan for you will work if you work it!

How To Shape Your Future

img_1347It doesn’t really matter what they call you, it only matters what you answer to.  And sometimes you shouldn’t answer at all!  Once you know who you are and that you were created for greatness, you will be able to filter through the lies and see purpose.  Even if in your past you were ____, but now you are not, your present overshadows your past and you can shape your future to be awesome.  How do you accomplish this?  First, you have to know WHO you are.  No one who is dealing with an identity crisis will be able to successfully shape their future because they spend the majority of their time trying to imitate others.  Your identity is who you were created to be and out of the seven plus billion people in the world, your identity is uniquely yours.

Next you must seek out your purpose.  After you know who you are, then you must discover WHY you are.  No one else can fulfill the purpose in the earth that you are called to fulfill.  As a matter of fact, your purpose preceded your production.  Meaning, before you came forth, God already decided why you would exist and what you would need to be successful.  Then, he bundled it all up, put it in your DNA, and then you were born to be great.  So with greatness in your makeup you can choose your destiny.  Life is full of choices and before you make a wrong one, think about the outcome.  Your future really is up to you so find your passion, operate in your purpose and see how your future unfolds.  Failure is not an option unless you choose it.