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A Heart Cry for the Love of God

I pray against sadness, depression, and any feelings that you’re not good enough.  You and I were created in the image of the Almighty, and He said we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  You are good enough, you are beautiful, you are worthy of real love and respect.  See yourself as the apple of God’s eye because that’s what He calls you.  See yourself as the bride of Christ, because that’s what He calls you.  See yourself loved unconditionally by the Creator of the world and begin to truly love yourself.  Love your laughter, your forgetfulness, your gifts and talents, love your smile, your eyes, your nose, your ears.  Every part of your being was tailor made just for you.

Don’t allow anyone to talk down to you or try to change the personality God gave you.  You weren’t meant to be like the crowd.  God purposely made you unique, different, to stand out and be special.  You and I only need to submit ourselves to God and He will direct; He will reveal to us His plan and His purpose for our lives.  How silly and foolish it is for someone to talk about someone else or to think that the One who created another made an error.  God created each of us and He did it in such a way that no one can take credit for any of it.  So to criticize another is actually a word against the One who created.  To look at yourself and believe even one lie spoken against your greatness is to say to our God, “I’m not happy with how you made me.”  Jesus help us!!

Can we just love each other?  Can we just pray for each other in love?  Can we just genuinely work on being filled with the love of God until that love heals, forgives, overlooks, and changes us? 



Child’s Heart Is Simple


The Heart of A Child

The heart of a child can teach us a lot about living the simple, carefree life.  Most of us as adults have lost sight of self and we spend our days on a spinning wheel like a hamster, never taking a break to even smell the gardenias.  We can’t enjoy the blessings God has already given us because we let magazine covers at the grocery store checkout convince us we need more.  Or after we visit a friend, we make the horrible assumption that they are living the “good life” and that we need that life. When will we rely on our faith in God instead of temporary things?  When will we come to him as a child?

I love the innocence of children.  They trust the authority that has been placed over their lives without question.  They never worry about food, clothing, or provision.  Children are happy just spending quiet time with their father reading a book!!  They laugh all the time because they have not allowed the world to make their lives complicated.  Just walk pass a play park sometime and watch how they love, trust, and enjoy their surroundings.  You will notice three things about the heart of a child.

  1.  Contentment:  Children really don’t require much at all.  It’s only when we allow the voice of society  to speak louder than we do that they begin to feel incomplete.  Open a box to a new microwave and toss the box on your kitchen floor.  A child will play with that box for hours.  Because of the creativity of their DNA, they look at that box and see endless possibilities for adventure, fun, and learning.  They have found fulfillment in something as simple as an empty box.  A cardboard box that you deemed as trash.  God wants us to come before Him as a little child; satisfied with just being created in His image; content with just knowing He loves us; satisfied because our innocence makes Him smile.  Get back to your manufacture’s setting, reboot your hard drive, ask God to restore the joy you once knew.  He can and will do it for you.
  2. Forgiveness:  I have been running my own daycare and teaching young children for 16 years and I have never seen a child hold a grudge.  They know the art of leaving the past behind and living for the present.  A child that is offended, hurt, or even strongly disciplined will be over the whole matter in five minutes.  They never waste a whole day sulking when they could be playing and enjoying friends.  Young children value friendship, love laughter, and are able to redeem the time.  Forgiveness in the Greek means to let go, and kids are great at letting go and moving on.  We all need forgiveness at some point in our lives, so we need to imitate the heart of a child and just let it go.
  3. Trust:  Just be careful what you promise a child because they trust you to make it good.  No matter how far-fetched the thing may be, children believe what you promise them and they excitedly wait for it to happen.  Have you ever heard a child say, “dad, catch me”?  Right after that, they jump!  You know why?  Because their confidence, their trust is in their father.  They have such confidence in that person that they are able to jump and not question at all if he’s going to be there.  God so  wants us to be this way.  No matter what life may bring, God wants us to just trust him completely.

One of my favorite scriptures is Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding…  God is calling us to trust in Him whether we understand His leading or not, the trust is where the outcome matters. Children don’t question what they know to be true.  Neither do they question one proven to be trustworthy.  So be content, forgive those who have wronged you, and trust in your Father.


5 Steps To Beat A Spirit of Depression


How To Overcome Depression

The Bible warns us of the plans of the enemy.  It tells us that he comes to steal, kill, and to destroy us.  Let’s look at how the enemy can steal from you with a spirit of depression.  How can you get back everything he has stolen?  Well if you suffer with depression, suicidal thoughts, or a spirit of pessimism, you have allowed the enemy to steal your joy.  Instead of seeing the glass half full, you see it almost empty.  Instead of looking for the good in a bad situation, you allow your mind to only present the dark side.  Your joy is replaced with misery and despair.  Even your countenance looks somewhat possessed because of the weight.  And no one wants to be around that spirit.  You’re almost like a professional mourner!  But there is hope; no quick and easy fixes, but real hope.

  1.  Don’t isolate:  This is easier said than done because depression takes you to a very low place where you only hear negative thoughts about yourself and the people in your life.  But you have to get up and out.  Even if your first move is just sitting outside on your step every day, you’re moving in the right direction for healing and recovery because you’re allowing the light to drive away the darkness.  Nature itself has an amazingly positive effect on your brain with no negative side-effects that comes from taking mind altering drugs.  Green grass, tall trees, beautiful flowers, squirrels running, and the sound of birds chirping will quiet the disturbed mind.  Remember how happy and content Adam and Eve were initially in the garden of Eden?
  2. Receive truth:  If you can’t bring yourself to read the Bible, then play it on your phone.  All of this takes effort on your part, but if you’re really tired of just existing, and you’re ready to live again, you will push!  There’s a scripture that assures you that as God’s word enters your mind, it will bring light.  And we all know that light causes dark places to shine like a lighthouse.  Play it as often as you can and ask God to help you.
  3. Get a mantra:  As you’re listening to the truth of the Word, get a mantra and begin to repeat it all day every day.  Tape it to your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, and in your car.  Be sure to speak it out loud, this allows you to help rewire your brain to think positively.  Positive self-affirmations spoken from your lips will begin to heal the hurt from words that you’ve accepted from others, or maybe even spoken over your own life.  A few mantras could be, “the joy of the Lord gives me strength” “I have godly purpose in the earth” or “the light of the world lives in me and I’m good enough.”  Repeat these every day, be patient with yourself, and watch your light begin to shine.
  4. Thanksgiving:  Find something to be thankful for every single day.  This may be a struggle at first, but as you put the previous three steps in place, it will become much easier for you to maintain a heart of thanksgiving.  When you wake up, make this your first declaration; thanksgiving is a major step to being in the will of God and healing will manifest when you’re filled with gratitude.
  5. Reach out:  Let someone know that you need their support.  Choose someone who is strong in the faith and who won’t give up on you.  Someone you know and trust who really wants to see you recover.  Someone who is determined to hear you laugh again.

Now tell depression and all of its baggage that time has expired!  Walk out these steps and share a comment to help someone else in their healing process.

How To Train Your Mind To Deal With Pressure


Sometimes you just need to step back and get a better perspective of what you’re dealing with in order to handle the pressure.

As long as the problem is constantly in your face, it’s difficult to come up with a plan because it seems too big for you to solve…and guess what?  It is!!!  So put it away, go to the beach, and just walk along the seashore.  Breathe deeply, tune in to the sound of the waves, and just enjoy the serenity.  Get away from the people, the problem, and the pressure; no cell phone attached.   Once the clutter clears your mind, the perspective will change.

Recently I had to put together a profit and loss statement to cover the past three months for my daycare business.  For some, this may not seem daunting, but for me, it caused great stress, headaches, and a couple of sleepless nights.  I even did the “how to” search on the computer to generate a few templates.  As I got my receipts in order and looked at everything, I felt my mind slipping away.  Like I was overwhelmed and might lose my mind.

That was way too much pressure for me, especially when you know it could mean the difference between where you live now and where you’ll be moving to later…by force.  But after I took that mental break from the pressure, I came back ready to tackle the assignment until completion.  What did I learn from all of this?  First, the more you put off completing any unpleasant task, the longer the task will continue to haunt you.  Second, procrastination can really cost you a great loss.  And third, pressure leaves when determination steps up.  So whenever you feel pressure, retreat to your sweet spot for a spell and then get back in the race and finish it.

Please leave me a comment and let me know your sweet spot, and then share my blog.